Big Businesses Also Google!

Lately, we’ve had quite a few big businesses and chain stores calling us asking for quotes on some of the ladders we are selling through

Although I am getting more and more used to talking to such customers, it always humbles me a bit when purchasing managers from big companies approaches us – as this clearly indicates┬áthat we’ve got something good going on with our businesses.

Or does it? Does it really show that we are doing things right – or is it just a natural consequence of the fact that any kind of information eventually gets tracked down on the web today?

Anyway. Fact is, big businesses also google whatever they are in need of – and that we small business owners also are to be found in the search results of that very same search engine they use.

Therefore, be prepared, do not fumble with your words nor be submissive when the big bosses are calling in. Instead, take a deep breath and close the deal!