Big Businesses Also Google!

Lately, we’ve had quite a few big businesses and chain stores calling us asking for quotes on some of the ladders we are selling through

Although I am getting more and more used to talking to such customers, it always humbles me a bit when purchasing managers from big companies approaches us – as this clearly indicates that we’ve got something good going on with our businesses.

Or does it? Does it really show that we are doing things right – or is it just a natural consequence of the fact that any kind of information eventually gets tracked down on the web today?

Anyway. Fact is, big businesses also google whatever they are in need of – and that we small business owners also are to be found in the search results of that very same search engine they use.

Therefore, be prepared, do not fumble with your words nor be submissive when the big bosses are calling in. Instead, take a deep breath and close the deal!

Networking: It’s Not About You

Going to my first ever BNI (Business Network International) meeting tomorrow, I have been doing a lot of thinking about networking and business events lately.

I’ve been trying to find out how to present myself when going to such meet-ups: How to dress, how to approach people, how to pitch myself and how to hand out business cards.

In fact, I have been thinking so much about my own appearance that I almost forgot about the actual purpose of going there, that is, to build professional contacts.

Learning: Being prepared and having done your homework is a good idea. Just make sure that thinking too much about networking will not keep you from actually meeting and connecting with people!? Goes Live

Today, we’ve launched an online store that offers a large range of branded quality ladders.

Our aim is to offer Swedish online shoppers a unique service and great value at the click of a mouse – just as we have been doing in Denmark for the past 18 months with

At, it couldn’t be easier to directly purchase products from quality brands such as Wibe Ladders, Skepphultstegen, Scando and Zarges.

There’s still no word on whether we will see the ladder factories make their way to other countries than Denmark and Sweden., though don’t be surprised if that’s what ends up happening 🙂 Goes Live

After months of hard work, I am pleased to announce that our newest webshop,, is live and open for business.

At we sell a selection of workwear and safety equipment, including working trousers, shirts, safety shoes and much more.

The site has a contemporary design and functionality in line with leading international e-commerce players within the industry.

Over the next couple of years we will be working towards the ambition of becoming the preferred workwear store for employees, shareholders and, of course, customers from all over Denmark.